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Bridging the dental communication gap

Crownbeam is a web-based dental laboratory management software that enables precise fitting communication between dentists and dental technicians.


of dentists have confirmed to regularly use WhatsApp for the communication of critical patient information.


Dental technicians report that every second prescription form only includes the bare minimum of information required for dental restoration manufacturing.


Only one in four lab prescription forms holds enough information for dental technicians to perform their best service.


Only one in ten dental technicians regard their communication with their clients to be well done.

Ready for a change?

Modern software solutions for dental labs and practices


More details & less callbacks 


View all your orders in one place


Transform client relationships


Reduce administrative workload


Future-proof your dental lab

Highlights for Dental technicians Dentists Dental assistants Lab managers

Transform relationships

Crownbeam makes planning and discussing a breeze. Collaboration between practice and labs was never easier.

Reduce callbacks

When will the case arrive? When is the patient appointment? A lot of common questions can easily be answered by a look on your dashboard.

Optimize worktime

About 73% of companies have trouble finding skilled workers. It is even more important to use time effectively and reduce administrative workload.

Future-proof yourself

Can you envision what tools you will be using in 5 years from now? Crownbeam is an independent platform that unites them all.

Ready to take your dental lab to the next level ?

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