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Transform client relationships

Secure Practice Portal

Inviting your clients to Crownbeam and placing a branded login on your website is as easy as clicking a button. 

While your competitors are still relying on paper-based solutions, you can set sail with innovative digital tools that give you an edge in the market.

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Quick order entry

Digital Prescription Form

Crownbeam understands the needs of both laboratories and practices – details and speed. 

Our innovative configurator for dental restorations provides a solution that combines both. With just a few clicks, even complex restorations and cost estimates can be ordered in a flash, saving you and your clients valuable time and effort. 

See for yourself how Crownbeam can transform your client experience.

Reduce administration

Client Dashboard

Where’s the order? How long does production take? It can feel like every day is a groundhog’s day when you’re bogged down with these questions. 

Fortunately, with Crownbeam’s practice dashboard, clients can get answers to these questions without having to pick up the phone. Practitioners and assistants can easily track the progress of orders and respond to any queries in real-time. 

And to make sure nobody never misses a beat, we’ll send notifications via email and SMS directly to the cell phone.


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